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Multiple Realities 多重现实

Multiple Realities 多重现实
"Multiple Realities" examines the rhizomatically recursive and polyvalent nature of the world in which we live, through the multidisciplinary art practices of 11 contemporary artists, using oil painting, video, mixed media installation, sculpture, experimental ink wash, and light box photography installation to investigate the multiplicity at the core of the human condition. The concept of "multiple realities" speaks to rhizomatic processes of juxtaposition and paradox, duality and inversion, mimesis and recursion, which animate the artistic languages and conceptual investigations of these artists' works. Works include Xia Jing's caged, decapitated, behemoth Buddha—that icon of transcendence and harmony with nature—cast in compressed coal—the quintessential symbol of humanity's short-sighted, destructive dependence on the ongoing exploitation of nature; Tao Aimin's stunning ink wash installation made from "rubbings" of the labor-worn wooden washboards of rural women, whose ceaseless mundane, manual labor marks the passage of their lives; Michael Zheng's recursive hole in the wall that isn't quite what it seems; Feng Shu's stylized, elegant ceramic and metal insects who may outlast us all; Zheng Lu's bombs made from vermilion "double happiness" characters, typically used to symbolize newlywed bliss; Sun Huiyuan's inverted AK47s that asked the spectator to gaze down the bullet side of the barrel of the gun and confront the violence of the human condition; Zhou Xiaohu's interpenetrating realities in his dual channel video work, "Conspiracy;" Sun Xun's sophisticated animation videos that project apocalyptic take-overs and possible futures for humanity; Weng Yunpeng's conceptual paintings that juxtapose the local and the global; Li Qing's painting and photography mixed media work, "Monument" from his Collision series, in which we consider the shifting meanings of national monuments and the complex histories they symbolize in reference to one another; and Han Bing's ethereal inverted images of glamorous high-rises next to shantytowns and construction sites captured in the reflections of Beijing's ubiquitous, pollution-infested, garbage-clogged "stinky rivers," that capture China's fantasy of modernization—both "the detritus and the dream"—in a single image.

Exhibition: Multiple Realities 多重现实
Opening: August 10th, 2008, from 3-6 pm.
Exhibition Dates: August 10, 2008-Sept 20
Curator: Maya Kóvskaya
Participating Artists: Feng Shu, Han Bing, Li Qing, Sun Huiyuan, Sun Xun, Tao Aimin, Weng Yunpeng, Xia Jing, Michael Zheng, Zheng Lu, Zhou Xiaohu
Host Gallery: F2Gallery

Curator Bio:
Maya Kóvskaya is a Beijing-based writer, art critic and curator with over a decade of experience living in China. She has curated numerous exhibitions, including, most recently, China Under Construction II at the 2008 Fotofest 12th International Photography Biennial (USA, 2008), worked with the Asia Triennial Manchester ATM08 (curatorial coordinator for the project at The International 3, UK, 2008); curated China Under Construction I, at the Deborah Colton Gallery (USA, 2007); Age of Big Construction (PRC, 2007); The Fatalistic Language of Things (USA, 2007); On the Stage of Modernization (USA, 2007); The Fragmented Gaze: Video Art from the People's Republic (USA, 2007); Love in the Age of Big Construction (PRC and USA, 2006); Quotidian Iconic (curatorial coordinator, PRC, 2006); The Other Shore of Desire (USA, 2006) Estrangements and Engagements: Contemporary Chinese Video Art (Canada, 2006), Misalignments: Chinese Performance and Video Art Documenta (USA, 2006), Other Modernities (USA, 2006), and others. Upcoming exhibitions include, China on the Road (Brussels, 02.2009), and Action—Camera! Beijing Performance Photography at the Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery, as curatorial coordinator (Canada, 2009). Her writing has appeared in English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Catalan and Spanish in numerous art catalogues, academic volumes, and magazines, such as Flash Art, Contemporary, Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, Art Post, Art iT, Art Map, Art Manager, Eyemazing: International Contemporary Photography Magazine, and positions: east asia cultures critique. Her book on Chinese contemporary art, China Under Construction: Contemporary Art from the People's Republic (2007) is available in bookstores worldwide.

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展览:多重现实 Multiple Realities
策展人:迈涯(Maya Kóvskaya)
参展艺术家:冯澍、韩冰、李青、孙慧源、孙逊、陶艾民、翁云鹏、夏静、 `郑济忠、郑路、周啸虎

由批评家迈涯(Maya Kóvskaya)策划的“多重现实”展透过十一位当代艺术家的跨界艺术实践,采用录像、混合媒体装置、雕塑 油画、实验水墨画以及灯箱摄影装置等手法,探寻处于人类生存状态核心的多样性,进而审视了我们生活的这个世界多样化的本质。多重现实的概念,表达的是并置和矛盾、二元性和倒置、模拟和递归的过程,生动地反映了这些艺术家作品中的艺术语言和观念上的探索。参展作品从夏静创作的浇筑在紧压的煤炭当中被斩下头颅的巨佛象,到陶艾民令人称奇的农村妇女用旧的木搓板水墨拓片——这些农村妇女的平凡以及双手的劳作代表了他们一生的道路;从郑济忠在墙上开出的并非看上去的孔洞,到冯澍样式统一精致优雅的陶瓷不锈钢昆虫;从郑路利用婚庆场合用来象征对新人的祝福的红色“双喜”字样制成的炸弹,到孙慧源那支颠倒过 的AK47——要求观众凝视枪口里面人类冲突的影像;从周啸虎呈现互相穿插的现实场景的双屏录影装置“同谋”,到孙逊预示人类未来有可能出现的场景和统治者的复杂生动的影像;从翁云鹏将本地场景与全球场景并置的概念性绘画作品,到李青“冲撞”系列作品中的“纪念碑”——这幅作品是由李青的油画及其照片所组成的混合媒介作品,观众从中可以感受到两座纪念碑意义甚至他们各自所象征的历史意义之间的相互转化, 到韩冰拍摄的陋屋和正在建设中的摩天大楼在充满污染和垃圾的“臭水河”里倒转的影像, 借用一次成像来捕捉中国的现代化之路—“沉渣与梦想”交相辉映的多重现实。

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迈涯 (Maya Kóvskaya)— 作家、学者、批评家和策展人,生活和工作于北京。曾策划的展览包括2008年第12届休斯顿国际摄影双年展的《正在建设中 2》(2008年,美国)、08曼彻斯特亚洲三年展(协助策划, 2008,英国)、 《 正在建设中 1》休斯顿艺术节(2007年,美国)、《宿命的物语》(2007年,美国)、《在现代化的舞台上》(2007年,美国)、《目光的碎片:来自中国的录像艺术》(2007年,美国)、《爱在大工地时代》(2006年,中国和美国)、《日常圣像》(协助策划,2006年,中国)、《欲望的彼岸》(2006年,美国)、《接触与疏远:中国当代影像》(2006年,加拿大)、《脱轨:中国行为和录像艺术个案展》(2006年,美国)、《另一种现代性》(2006年,美国)以及其它展览。即将举办的展览包括《多重现实》(2008年8月,中国)、 《中国在路上》(2009年2月,布鲁塞尔)、 以及 《行为—摄影!》(协助策划,加拿大,2009 年1月)。她的艺术评论在多种艺术杂志、学术期刊上以英文、中文、日文、法文和西班牙文发表,如《典藏艺术国际版》、《日本艺术Art iT》、《Eyemazing:国际当代摄影杂志》、《Flash Art》、《当代》、《Art Post》、《艺术地图》、《艺术经纪人》、以及《positions:东亚文化评论》等。其专论中国当代艺术的著作《正在建设中:中国的当代艺术》(2007年版)在全球销售。