Sunday, June 01, 2008

Asia Society Director Melissa Chiu's ‘Chinese Contemporary Art: 7 Things You Should Know’

‘Chinese Contemporary Art: 7 Things You Should Know’ by Melissa Chiu
May 26th, 2008 ·

Published: 2008

‘Chinese Contemporary Art: 7 Things You Should Know’ presents a historical overview of the contemporary Chinese art scene. Written by Asia Society director, Melissa Chiu, the book is characterized by succinct text that present concise explanations of the events, exhibitions, market shifts and individual players that together created the backdrop for today’s contemporary art scene in China.

The text is divided into seven chapters, which highlight what Dr. Chiu views as the most important discussion points related to contemporary Chinese art: 1) contemporary art in China began decade ago 2) Chinese contemporary art is more diverse than you might think 3) museums and galleries have promoted Chinese contemporary art since the 1990s 4) government censorship has been an influence on Chinese artists and sometimes still is 5) the Chinese artists’ diaspora is returning to China 6) contemporary art museums in china are on the rise and 7) the world is collecting Chinese contemporary art.

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