Sunday, June 01, 2008

Wang Qingsong's work takes a new direction at PKM SOLO SHOW

And Wang Qingsong's trademark hairstyle changes as well to mark the occasion. I'm trying to convince him that a John Waters mustache is the perfect compliment to his new look. Surveillance cameras allow visitors on the second floor to spy on the action below.Some of the work exhibited is self-referential photography of the PKM Gallery before and after his installation.My favorite work in the show was more in line with Wang Qingsong's traditional photography. This triptych shows an empty train, a train full of the possessions of rural migrants, along with the artist (who often appears in his own works in various guises) and the train crammed with those same migrants--a typical scene from everyday life that the artist has restaged, ala Jeff Wall, for this series. Kids LOVED the squishy foam stairs at Wang Qingsong's Solo Show at PKM. They bounced and bounded all the way up, screaming "好舒服” (feels good and comfy) all the way up.