Sunday, November 02, 2008

"Hey Sarah Palin" parodies of Hey Delilah abound!

jessicamoose offers another Hey Sarah Palin song.

Hey Sarah Palin,
Oh, your makeup looks so pretty
Whats it like being the mayor of
A tiny little city?
Governer, too?
Wanna do mascara just like you
I swear its true.

Hey Sarah Palin,
Dont you worry about the distance
You hunt wolves and eat moose burgers
So just aim at the resistance,
Shoot em down
You deserved the Miss Alaska crown
So dont you frown.

Oh, for the presidency
Lets forget old John Mc C
McCain dont mean a thing to me
Its all about my girl SP
For our next VP

Hey Sarah Palin,
You just keep keeping it real
Let the others take their limousines,
You have a snowmobile
So let them hate
Alaska is the biggest state
I think its great.

Hey Sarah Palin,
Cant vote cause Im underage
But I hear that getting pregnant
When youre seventeens the rage
Ill try it out
Thats what abstinence is all about
I have no doubt.

Oh, for the presidency
Shes too good for just VP
She should win because shes a lady
Everyones a sexist SOB

A thousand miles seems pretty far,
But Wasilla, Alaskas where you are,
Even though we havent ever heard of it.
And nine thousand peoples not a lot,
But youll get the vote because youre hot
cause we dont need experience, not a bit.
Sarah Palin, I can say its true:
That if vice president goes to you,
The world will never ever be the same
And youre to blame

Hey Sarah Palin,
Im not being pessimistic
But according to your VP speech,
Youre just a dog with lipstick
By the way,
You look a lot like Tina Fey
And its just like you used to say:
What does VP do anyway?
What can I say?

Oh, for the presidency
You can have my liberty
Oh, no, choice is not for me
Oh, Ill keep my rape baby
Thank you, Sarah, P.

Lyrics by Jessica and Karissa Tom.
Guitar credit:

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