Friday, February 23, 2007

one more reason

actually, i confess, there is a reason beyond sheer vanity that i should really jot things down here a bit more often. this blog is part of how i was recently reunited with my biological father's half of the family. my links were fwded around by one of my dear aunts, when i went with my partner to visit her and my glamorama-gramma in mississippi. inspite of the ice storm, it was a delight to stay up till 11:30 at night with my 79 year old grandmother (and i do mean "GRAND!" she is exceptionally beautiful, looks not day over 58, and is as feisty, opinionated, judgmental, and passionate as i am) discussing the way picasso chewed up all the masters and then spit them out again on his way to establishing his own distinctive vocabulary (we agreed that when he finally got where he was going, he got stuck in a rut, a creative stutter, if you will, and his power petered out). and my lovely aunts, what a bevy of beauties, each so different from the next and striking in her own was so rewarding to get to know some of them as adults and to discover the great affinites that we share (some in spades and uncanny shades of deja vouz). i'm thinking of them tonight, glowing at me across the ocean from their massage tables, biofeedback machines, court houses and exotic, incorrigible fruit trees.