Monday, October 25, 2004

AAAUnite: October 2004

So I've been busy. No, seriously. Busy. And here is just one of many major issues that have been occupying my time and mind.

Take a moment to learn about the Lockout against hotel workers from the Multi-Employer Group, that includes the Hilton and other luxury, multibillion dollar hotels that are still trying screw the workers that run their facilities out of basic health care and a living wage, among other things.

The American Anthropological Association had planned to hold it's annual conference at the SF Hilton, but due to pressure from its members, who refuse to cross picket lines in order to give papers on the capitalist power, exploitation and the plight of marginalized people, from the comforts of a cushy hotel that locks out its own workers. The "compromise" decision to move the conference to a later date at the non-union Atlanta Hilton has also been met with anger, shock and collective action by disgruntled members of AAA who are unwilling to take that long walk around the picket line in a state that doesn't even support collective bargaining rights for workers. Plans to boycott or otherwise not attend the Atlanta conference, and find ways to coordinate meetings of our own here in the Bay Area are in progress.

For more information, check out the AAAUNITE site here:
AAAUnite: October 2004