Monday, September 06, 2004

marc and anja's trip around the world continues

blogspot keeps eating my posts before they get published. i wrote a long paean to marc and anja and it is gone. i am peeved.

a quick recap, since i have to finish a dissertation chapter today:

i met this lovely couple from the netherlands when i was finishing my novel last spring in dali.
anja had hurt her knee, so they sojourned in dali, before recommencing their trip around the world. during the month and a half we were there together, we bonded over our love of halal hotpot, black sticky rice and yoghurt popsicles, the quest to bring better tunes to the guys working at the guesthouse (one more 'knockin' on heaven's door' and we were going to lose our lunch), and the scrappy little runt pup, xiao taidixiong (lil teddy bear) whose life marc saved by giving mouth to mouth when taidixiong was choking to death on a hot dog.

lovely people, amazing travels. i'm sure some day we'll meet again.

check out there wild adventures and wonderful photographs at their site:
if you can't read dutch, click the british flag icon on the bottom for english.