Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Change_for_Iran Resurfaces! NEW REPORTS

# state TV is now requesting people (armed forces) to go to valiasr st and protest against the outlaws & criminals! (people) #iranelection21 minutes ago from web

# thanks to someone (probably gov) we're are now also spies of israel! and to be shoot on sight30 minutes ago from web

# Kasra is dead & I don't know where is masood, lost him in the crowd yesterday31 minutes ago from web

# 5 killed in the girl's dorm. we saw karoubi in person yesteday and told him about what happened. I guess we made a big mistake #IranElection37 minutes ago from web

# 3:30pm basij is after us. slept in the streets last night. internet is down in most of the city #iranelection43 minutes ago from web

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