Tuesday, July 06, 2004

a few of my favorite things (in no particular order)

david bowie's hunky dory
henry miller's the tropic of cancer
red dragon fruit 火龙果
furry kitty tummies
qingshan lushui 青山录水
eye contact with strangers
arundhati roy's the god of small things
foot massages (receiving)
single-lidded eyes 单眼皮
pj harvey's dry
helen dewitt's the last samurai
chongqing mala huoguo'r 重庆麻辣火锅
live poetry readings in St. Petersburg
lack of inhibition
my dinner with andre
riding bareback
wittgenstein's philosophical investigations (he also wins the award for best preface)
passion fruit
furry kitty paws
talks that last all night
erguotou 二锅头
kisses, and more kisses
nan goldin's photographs that capture the beauty of transgender heroes, daring to be who they know they really are
freckles across the bridge of a most beloved nose
sisters who are also best friends
teachers with authority who deserve it
il postino
more kisses
scarlet harlot lipstick
black nail polish
hannah arendt's the human condition
nick cave's from her to eternity
tieguanyin green tea 铁观音
anne sexton
wings of desire
anything by alice fulton
gomen wot
the ocean
bumblebee gobis
lorrie moore's the jewish hunter