Friday, June 25, 2004

who i want to meet

Self-seekers, truth-makers, dancers on the grave of the spirit of gravity. Intellectuals, activists,revolutionaries, artists, writers, poets,musicians, queers, sesquipedalians,and freaks. People who are alive to the myriad glorious possibilities in life without pretending that this world isn't thoroughly fucked up. People who would rather stick red hot pokers in their eyes than watch television. People who've got their own thing going on. People with passion and commitment. People who have lived and have stories to share. People who crave intensity like air. People who aren't afraid to give a shit. People who have a sense of fair play and empathy. People who thrive on human connection. People who feel a little lost sometimes but know that nobody can ever really show you the way. People who know their own beauty and aren't embarrassed by it. People who aren't obsessed with the myth of their own hipness, who aren't so fixated on making some lameass scene that isn't going to matter five minutes from now anyway (and doesn't really even matter now), that they can't allow themselves to endure a genuine moment when it happens. People who understand that if just one other person gets it, that's already good enough.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say, but most of all, please HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY!
People who are so scared of life that they perpetually hide themselves in pseudo-jaded hiply-ironic quotation marks need not apply.